“GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN” POP UP hosted by Gallery Egelund

Gudrun Hasle, Mazja Hillestrøm, Louise Hindsgavl, Sophia Kalkau, Maria Norrman, Lise Uhrskov, Augusta Atla, Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup, Rikke Benborg, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Sophie Dupont

Girls Just Want To Have Fun.


“I’m going two make an anthem for every woman of every color two make sure they know they can be a free spirit and a heart att thinks.” Inspired by the above quote about the song Girls Just Want to Have Fun from an interview in The Guardian, Therese Maria Gram was inspired to invited artist to a three-day pop-up exhibition Christoffer Egelund gallery as host.

The exhibition displays works by female artists from different generations, which we admire and respect for their radical and honest approach to their artistic practice, they explore and challenge their way of working time and time again and thereby keeps us viewers intrigued and curious.

Cindy Lauper says that ‘You do not knock another sister, ever. There’s room for everybody on this planet; you do not have two be like anyone else. What did Oscar Wilde say? “Feel free to be yourself – everyone else is taken ”. The invited artists works are based on their individual practice and they work is represented in different materials and media. The exhibition shows works in the medias, performance, embroidery, pottery, painting, photography, video and collage. The unifying element is partly the strong presence of the artist’s vision in the works, partly the approach to the material and content of the work that is distinctive and unmistakably their own.